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Booking Terms and Conditions - Book Disney Homes

Booking process
You may search for LIVE availability using our online website: www.bookdisneyhomes.com
Once you choose the home you would like to reserve, you will need to follow through with deposit/payment. Payment must be submitted within 24 hours of the reservation being made, or it will be canceled by our system without further notice.

Our Reservations Team can be reached at +1 (321) 460-3710, or reservations@bookdisneyhomes.com 

Payment conditions
The contract between the parties is considered concluded when an order is confirmed.
A minimum $300 reservation deposit is required, and will be applied to the total amount due.
The final payment is due 8 weeks before your arrival, and is non-refundable at that point. The final payment will be billed to your credit card on file unless other arrangements have been made 8 weeks prior to arrival.
Deposit is non refundable, and will be lost in case of a cancellation.

All rates are plus 11% - 12% -13% tax, depending on the county area.
There is a onetime cleaning fee for all bookings.

We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER, personal & certified checks as well as money orders.
In the event that your check is returned by the bank, we will use the credit card on file to charge what was due plus a $50 fee per returned check.

Security deposit credit card info must be provided on the rental agreement; we need this info on file in case of damage, lost or broken items in the unit.

If any type of payment is made with a credit or debit card, an additional merchant fee of 3% will be charged. No changes can be made within 8 weeks of your arrival without consent from Book Disney Homes. All payments are processed in U.S. dollars.

Guest will receive the confirmation along with arrival instructions via email. Sometimes the confirmation will go to the junk or spam mailbox. Please check this before contacting us. You will need to look over your confirmation to make sure all the information is correct. Please pay special attention to the property, check in and check out dates, and rate.

Rates are subject to change without notice. Book Disney Homes at its discretion, may raise or lower the rates of any given property at any time without notice. Once you make a reservation, you are locked in at the rate agreed upon. If our rates decrease then we will not refund the difference of the agreed upon rate and the new rate. If you have a confirmed reservation and our rates increase, then we will honor the agreed upon rate when you made the reservation.

Property availability
In the unlikely event that the property you reserve becomes unavailable due to circumstances out of the control of Book Disney Homes or the property is no longer available through Book Disney Homes  we will make every attempt to move your reservation to a comparable property without compensation.
You will be notified of this prior, and new documents for arrival will be processed.

Check-in and check-out
Check in time is after 4:00 PM.
When you check in at the property, you will need to do a thorough walk through of the home. If there are any damages, you must contact Book Disney Homes office within 24 hours.

Check out is before 10:00 AM.
An early check-in or late check-out is available for a fee of $65.
A charge of $65 will be applied to unlock a home if you lock yourselves out.

Check Out Procedures
You will find specific check out procedures in the Guest Book located inside the home.
We have also listed some brief points here:
1. Dispose of all trash in the bin provided at the property. Please ensure that you put the trash out on the proper day. Excessive trash will be billed at $55 for removal.
2. Place all bed linen (sheets only) & towels in the laundry area (optional, but appreciated).
3. Load and run the dishwasher.
4. All furniture must stay in the same place as when you arrived the home.
5. Make sure all windows are closed and all doors locked behind you.

Our cleaners have a short time to prepare the home for the next guest and these steps will ensure that they can have the home ready on time. The cleaners will provide a full clean before your arrival and after your departure, but this does not mean that the unit should not be tidied on departure. We know that you will love your vacation home and will want to care for it like your own to ensure you can come back to the same quality home year after year! For your cooperation we thank you!

Smoking and Pets
All properties are non-smoking.
Absolutely no pets are permitted. 
An additional fee of $400 will be charged to your credit card if you bring a pet or smoke in the property.

Max occupancy
By state law, occupancy may not exceed what is posted for each home. Maximum occupancy includes infants and children. Client is obligated to give correct information regarding names and amount of people in their party.
The following outlines the maximum occupancy for each home, unless otherwise posted:

2 bedroom sleeps maximum of 4
3 bedroom sleeps maximum of 6
4 bedroom sleeps maximum of 8
5 bedroom sleeps maximum of 10
6 bedroom sleeps maximum of 12
7 bedroom sleeps maximum of 14
8 bedroom sleeps maximum of 16 

Age limit
Florida Law requires that anyone under the age of 21 years old must be accompanied by an adult. The rental charge is limited to allow only the amount of guests that the unit sleeps.

Transferring of rental home
Client is basically not entitled to transfer his or hers rent to another traveler.

A thorough cleaning of the property will be carried out before and after occupancy. It is expected that you will leave the property in a reasonably clean and orderly condition. Excessive dirt or work for the cleaning team will result in a charge to you.

Guests will be charged for any damage, loss or breakage in the homes or on the premises during your stay, including stolen items. If you have not vacated the unit before the cleaning crew arrives, and they are unable to clean the unit, you will be assessed an additional cleaning charge.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, cancellation must be notified in writing by the party leader whose name appears on the booking form.

If you cancel 61+ days before arrival, then only your deposit is nonrefundable.
If you cancel 0-60 days before arrival then the full amount of the rental is nonrefundable.

No refunds for early departure or no-shows.

Book Disney Homes, the homeowners, property management or agents do not accept responsibility for any loss of personal items while staying in the property or after departure. It is your responsibility to take out appropriate insurance to cover all aspects of your trip, and to ensure that passports, visas and other documents are in order. Keeping valuables in the house is at your own risk, we accept no responsibility for lost or stolen property.
We highly recommend to purchase Vacation Insurance.

When guest arrives at the home, guest is responsible to inspect the property for damages. Guest must call the local office within 24 hours of arrival to report any damages found upon arrival. If there is damage to the home and it is not reported, then guest will be held responsible. If guest arrives after hours or on a weekend when the office is closed, the guest must call the Emergency Line at 321-460-3710 and leave a message listing any damage, name of guest, and property address. The time stamp on the voice mail will serve as proof of report.
Book Disney Homes shall try to correct the error within 24-48 hours without any major disadvantages for the client.

After your check out, the management team will inspect the house and notify the office of any damages to the home made during your stay. Book Disney Homes will contact you via email about any damages that were found. We will provide a detailed list along with the amount that will be charged. If you do not report damages right after arrival, then you can not dispute the company's final damage report.

Damage waiver
We understand while you are on vacation that it is your time to enjoy your family and relax. Don't let small incidental damages ruin your vacation. We know that small spills on the carpet and marks on the wall will happen. Although these are accidents, there is still a cost to correct the unintentional damage like this.
For a flat, mandatory, non-refundable $85.00 fee, minor accidental damage up to $500.00 will be waived.

If damage exceeds $500 or is deemed intentional, or the result of gross negligence or willful misconduct, this Waiver DOES NOT apply. The waiver covers ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE ONLY. For example, damage caused due to a party or damage caused because a group played paint ball in the home will NOT be covered. 
By making a reservation you understand that our homes are SELF-CATERING and you are responsible to provide all consumable/disposable items.

Please do not flush anything down the toilet other than toilet paper and human waste. This includes: paper towels, baby wipes, cotton balls, q-tips, hygiene products, and plastic wrappers. There will be a charge to your credit card of $95 for a plumber to come out and unblock a toilet.

Running the air conditioner while the doors or windows are open will cause the outside air conditioner unit to work overtime and possibly freeze. This will cause the air conditioner to quit working. If this happens, the guest will be charged for the repair. For the comfort of our guests we leave our air conditioner unlocked. Air conditioners should not ever be set below 72 degrees.

Pool heat
Pool heat will automatically shut off if the outdoor temperature drops below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat will automatically come back on once the temperature rises back to 50 degrees. Book Disney Homes cannot override this as it is a security measure to prevent damage to the pool pump. Refunds will not be given if this occurs. If pool heat is not working correctly, then contact Book Disney Homes. If the pool heater is broken then pool heat refunds will be given for the number of days the guest is without this service. Staff must be aware of this issue when it occurs. Refunds will not be given when pool heat issues are brought to our attention after the stay. Pool heat is set between 82F-89F. We will not be able to adjust the pool heat. If you arrive and the temperature is in this range and it is not comfortable for you, then the only option is to turn the pool heat off.
Please note if the home has a Jacuzzi/Spa you must purchase pool heat for it to be warm. The pool heater heats the Jacuzzi/Spa. One cannot be heated without the other. Our staff will come to certify the pool heat temperature one time in the instance there is a question of temperature. If found to be within range they will not be able to respond again for the same issue. If you add pool heat after arrival, an additional $20 trip charge will apply for the heat to be turned on.

Florida is notorious for bugs. Our homes are sprayed monthly; however, if food is left out on the counter or if clothes are kept on the floor it will attract them.
No evidence of food and snacks must be left on pool deck and patios.
If you do experience problems with this, please contact the management company immediately.

Facilities and services
A great deal of care has been taken to ensure the accuracy of information we have provided. However, facilities and services may not be open or available due to renovation/maintenance works, adverse weather, or damage by a previous guest, that we have not had time to remedy before your arrival, etc. Where we are aware that a facility or service advertised in the information provided will not be available during the period of your stay, we will take steps, wherever possible, to notify you prior to travel. Some furnishings may also differ to that advertised.

Neighborhood facilities
Some of our properties have facilities that are controlled by the neighborhood homeowners association. From time to time there may be maintenance or repairs that are needed. This could cause the closure of these facilities for short periods. Some examples are but not limited to: Community swimming pools, clubhouse, pool heaters, and community Jacuzzi's. If there is a closure of these facilities during your stay, then Book Disney Homes will not be held liable or be responsible for customer refunds.

Should you need anything during your stay, please contact Book Disney Homes at the number provided to you on your confirmation form. Please do give us the opportunity to assist you while staying with us. Letting us know after departure does not help you do fully enjoy your stay.

Please note: Certain items are provided as a convenience to you and we make every effort to ensure operatbility prior to your arrival. This may include items such as internet, gaming systems, cable programs, telephones, etc. If a problem with one of these items should occur during your stay we will contact the provider immediately. These providers are outside vendors who operate on their own schedules and we cannot be responsible for any outage. These items are not compensable and no refunds will be granted for no access.

Book Disney Homes office hours are 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. We can be reached at +1 321-460-3710

Non-emergency items need to be handled during these hours only, and these are such as:
• Pool heat
• Wi-Fi issues

Please, do not call after hours for these items.
There will be a $20 charge if non-emergency calls are made after hours.

Some emergency items would include:
1. No Power or water to the entire home
2. Locked out of the home
3. Cannot find the home
4. Any item that may cause damage to the home or to the guest.

No claim can be made on the owners or managing agents for accidents, loss or injury (however caused). We strongly advise an all-inclusive holiday insurance cover. The owners or agents do not accept any liability or responsibility for any injury caused as a result of the use of our property, pool or clubhouse. It is the responsibility of an adult member of the party, to ensure that children are always properly supervised when in the pool area or on the balcony. Children are not permitted in the pool, spa or pool area unattended. Posted pool rules must be adhered to while in the pool area.
We are not responsible nor do we refund any guest that locks themselves out of their rented home, we recommend you use the provided lock box code to prevent this from happening. An additional charge will apply for opening of locked doors. Check-in documents will be provided and will contain all the information you will need to find your vacation home. This info will also contain info to unlock your rental. We will not be held responsible, nor provide a refund, if you are unable to find the resort, do not have the correct unit address, or did not bring the lock box code or reservation confirmation with you.

The client is responsible to read and understand the Terms and Conditions. Client is further obligated to abide by the terms set by Book Disney Homes all their suppliers and the local authority. The traveler must not act in a manner that is of any nuisance for other travelers or neighbors, or that create any security risk or practical problems for Book Disney Homes and its suppliers. Book Disney Homes and its suppliers reserve the right to reject a traveler if the travelers behavior or condition is obvious that he or she cannot commit to the terms. This will not give the traveler any right to demand compensation.

Force Majeure
No liability can be accepted, or refunds given for events, which are 'force majeure'. These include, but are not limited to war, threat of war, riots, civil commotion, terrorist activities, industrial disputes, technical difficulties with transportation, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, adverse weather conditions or other events outside our control.

Please remember that you are renting a private home.
Please treat it with the same respect like you would your own.
Thank you for renting with Book Disney Homes.


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